No One Wants Soggy Drywall

Trust us to undo damage caused by a water leak in your wall or concrete slab in Lubbock & Amarillo, TX

A water leak in the wall can cause major structural damage. If you've recently experienced this type of leak, you'll need a highly qualified plumber to repair the damage for you. For homeowners in the Lubbock & Amarillo, TX area, A-1 Plumbing is a preferred choice.

If you suspect you may have a water leak in your concrete slab floor, reach out to us ASAP. We'll work directly with your home insurance company to help simplify the claims process if we find any damage.

Prevent potential damage

It's often better to schedule leak repair services sooner rather than later. This is because a water leak in your wall or concrete slab floor can lead to:

  • Damaged flooring
  • Waterlogged drywall
  • Water stains on your walls
  • Moldy carpet
  • Higher water bills
We can fix even the most severe water leak in your concrete slab floor. Check out our Reviews page today to learn what it's like to work with us.

We can discover where your leak is coming from and isolate the problem

Leak detection services in Lubbock and Amarillo, TX

If you notice any of the signs of a potential leak but can not determine the cause, we are here to help! We can determine and fix your leaks with minimal damage to your property! We have different techniques that help us to detect the source of a leak and help us to prevent any further damage. Once we discover the source of the leak, we can discuss options on how to fix the problem! Call A-1 Plumbing for leak detection in Lubbock and Amarillo, TX today!