Are your constantly dealing with clogged drains or toilets?

A-1 Plumbing offers solutions to the Lubbock & Amarillo, TX areas!

Let us do the dirty work so you don't have to! We have the latest technology to determine the cause of your drain issues and find the appropriate solution for your stoppage. Roots interfering with your lines, soap, grease and hair build up can all cause problems in your drain.
Signs you need drain repair or cleaning:

  • Slow draining sink or shower
  • Drain is backed up completely
  • Bad smell coming from your drain
  • Toilet has difficulty flushing

Drain repair and cleaning is not a task you have to take on yourself! Call A-1 Plumbing in Lubbock & Amarillo, TX and we will be there for you day or night!

Hydro Jetting Services

Use A-1 Plumbing for all of your Hydro Jet needs in Lubbock & Amarillo, TX. Is your drain clogged with grease, hair and soap scum?

What is Hydro Jetting?

  • A blast of water at a high pressure that is used to clear clogged sewer and drain lines

Why use Hydro Jetting?

  • It is a safe way to remove blockages.
  • Very thorough
  • Removes residue
  • Reaches difficult places
  • Clear out bacteria
  • Last longer than traditional snaking 
  • More cost effective

If you are experiencing stopped up drains or slow drainage, it is time to call A-1 Plumbing! We can solve your drain problems and repair your drains in Lubbock & Amarillo, TX!